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Current Slots: 6/6

Hello! I'm Pura and I like to do the art! I can also do the art for you! This is information about my commissions!

I offer several different styles of commissions, from simple chibi style art, Roll20 Icons and DND party sheets to fully rendered illustrations, pin ups and Twitch Icons. If you have an idea for a commission that's not currently a style listed, please contact me for a quote.

All prices are in GBP and I only take payment through paypal invoicing.

Want to be updated when my commissions are open? Join my discord! Twitch Subscribers get first dibs on my commissions 48 hours before opening them to the general public!

Icons & Chibi Style

Chibi commissions start at £30 per character.
Simple backgrounds and some simple props can be included! This style would also work for DND party commissions (something similar to the Animal Crossing piece I did)!

Roll20 and Social Media Icons
£25 per icon!
Simple backgrounds are included!

Twitch/Discord emote sets start at £10 for one small icon. I can also do banners and profile pictures for Twitch! Just send me a message with what you'd like and we can hash it out!

Character Art

Prices are per character. For extras, please check the 'Extras' page. I'm happy to do things like character design work (using just text description of characters), character sheets, complex armour and in-depth illustrations of items they have on their person, but that will incur additional fees depending on the level of work needed.

Sketch commissions are available on my Ko-Fi! I offer bust sketches for the price of 3 coffees! Please check my Ko-Fi out if this is something you're after!

Simple backgrounds are included as standard.

[ Full colour and Shading ]
BUST - £30

Fully Rendered Pieces
These are fully painted digital pieces, usually with complex backgrounds and scene setting. Prices for these vary depending on how many characters, background complexity, design elements etc. But as a general rule, they start at £90 (the ramen piece would be something like that, where as the faerie piece is more like £140). Just let me know what you've got in mind and I'll work out a quote.

Pet Portraits

Full body pet portraits are between £40-£70 per pet, depending on how complex the pet's fur pattern is! A quote can be offered upon request. I can also do bust style commissions (just head and shoulders) of your pet which would start at £25. Let me know!

Additional details like flowers, toys and sparkles are included :)


DND Party Commissions
Please let me draw your dnd characters as a whole party! I love doing this! I offer this in a chibi style or my fully rendered style! The prices for these wildly vary depending on party size, detail, complex armour elements, whether I need to design characters from text description, but please inquire if you're interested! (The general rule is to times the single character price by how many party members you have to get a ballpark figure).

Character Reference Sheet
I'm also happy to design your characters with you from descriptions given to me by you and make up a character reference for you to use with other commissioners, with one full body, and three different expressions. As well as this, I can do detailed item design and drawings! Please let me know if you're interested in this, and I'll be happy to work out a quote :)

Things that may incur additional charges:
★ Additional Character: +75% of original price
★ Complex Backgrounds/Dramatic Lighting: +50%
★ Intricate Detailing (Lace, beading etc)
★ Complex Armour/Robots
★ Complex fur patterns
★ Character design elements
★ NSFW elements (I'm completely down and would love to draw spicy art, it's just harder to pose if you catch my drift)



I reserve the right to decline any commission request for any reason.I accept payments in GBP only via PayPal invoicing.Once we agree on a price, I will send you an invoice to be paid. The invoice must be paid before I start work on your piece! Once I receive payment I will start your piece! Part payment options are available on any commissions above £50, but the finished art will not be released until the invoice is paid.WIPs pieces will be sent as I work on them, and up to 2 revisions will be included if things need to be changed or tweaked. Any over this may incur additional charges.If the customer requests to cancel during the commission process, a partial refund will be given, proportionate to the amount of work that has been completed.Refunds will not be given on completed artwork.If I need to cancel a commission through no fault of the customer, a full refund will be given.Commissioned artwork may not be used for commercial purposes or resold. These artworks are for personal use only. However if you are interested in hiring me for artwork or designs for use in something you intend to sell, or to promote a business or product, please contact me at missmmarquardt(at)gmail(dot)com to discuss that!You retain all the copyrights of your own intellectual property such as character designs and concepts, but I will retain the copyrights to my artwork. I may post commissions on my online portfolio and my social media, unless otherwise stated by the commissioner! Please let me know!If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me through social media DMs or email me!

Ready To Order?

Ready to order?
I generally do commissions in the order that I receive them and they can take between 2-8 weeks to complete depending on my workload and complexity. I aim to finish commissions quicker than this though, but if you need a commission by a certain time, please let me know via the form!Slots fill in a first come first served basis, and I have a total of 6 available when they are open.I have the right to decline a commission for any reason, especially if I feel like what you've asked is something I don't think I will be able to draw.Once we have agreed on a price, I will send an invoice via paypal. For orders under £50, the invoice must be paid in full before I start. For over £50, at least 50% must be paid before I start the piece.You will receive regular updates and WIP images of the sketch, inks, flats and colours as I progress with it, where up to two revisions per stage can be brought up. If you see anything thats off or needs tweaking with your piece, please let me know sooner rather than later! It's a lot easier to fix a problem with a sketch than it is to fix a fully rendered painting. Any more than two revisions at each stage of the piece many incur additional fees.Once everything is finished, I'll send you over a high res jpg file of your image (300DPI) and everything will be finished! YAY.Filling out this form is in no way a formal contract! It's just registering your interest, and you can change your mind at any time up until the invoice has been issued! If you do change your mind, please let me know as soon as possible so I can reopen your slot.
Ok, got all that? Phew! Click the link to fill out the form!
Thank you so much for looking!

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